Your company isn’t here just to make money. Your company exists to change the world.

ICO Impact Group understands that, and offers the only comprehensive solution to help you put your stake in the ground on the right side of history.

Our team has a collective 30 years of years of experience in entrepreneurship, fundraising, management, public markets, investment, advisory, blockchain and crypto - and most importantly, impact.  We live and breathe blockchain, community, media, and social good.

Our passion is partnering with leading companies to define their social impact, amplify their impact story, and attract and retain the best and brightest talent, the most valuable customers, and impact investors.

ICO Impact Group helps your company get access to Mandated Capital. Family offices, public and private foundations, endowments, ultra high net worth investors, and institutional investors have mandated capital - a percentage of the corpus (main funds) that has been designated by the asset owner to be invested in socially impactful or sustainable organizations. Each asset owner has their own defined mandate with varying levels of required societal impact to qualify for this allocation.  This can range from 5% to up to 50% of total capital allocation. There is roughly 200 billion to be invested in social impact and sustainability each year.

Yet with this staggering amount of social impact and sustainable investment dollars available, most asset managers are not well versed in diligence to prove a potential investment is socially impactful. Rather than risk any negative feedback resulting from mandated capital being misallocated, many advisors simply leave the mandated capital in the fund without ever allocating a dime.

ICO Impact provides a solution to free the logjam of mandated capital by providing the necessary diligence to advisors, also to attract better investment opportunities by encouraging all companies to add social impact components to their business plans.  We reframe your value proposition as Socially Impactful and Sustainable in accordance with industry standards and expose you directly to Impact Investors.

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Initial Engagement
20,000 USD or cryptocurrency includes:

  • 1 hour strategic consultation/needs assessment with a top Impact Advisor
  • Development of Impact Goals and Focus around GIIN standards
  • Teaser email to 50,000 impact investor email list
  • Creation of Impact Certification and Whitepaper
  • Distribution of your investment offering to 80,000 email subscribers of Family Office Network including investors, foundations, endowments, single and multi-family offices
  • Access to vetted database to the best vendors and advisors in impact and ICO and blockchain
  • A real time master calendar of Conference listings

Ongoing Monthly Engagement
2,500 USD includes:

  • Exposure of all your investor information directly to certified Impact Advisors and Investors at family offices and impact funds.
  • Unlimited amount of media distribution (blogs, images, posts, press releases) to a vast network - Google news, Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, PRConnect, 100+ CR Focused websites, 250,000+ email subscribers, a social media community of 300,000+
  • Weekly “Hour of Power” - check-in and download and strategy session - advice and synergies within our vast collective network.  Whatever you need, we'll try to make it happen.
  • Internal advisor updates to look for synergies and share information through our entire team about your company.
  • ICO Impact Community access - participate in our integrated ecosystem for companies just like yours who are solving real problems using the power of blockchain and crypto.
  • Ongoing access to - the ICO Impact Database - our proprietary database of top resources of vendors and advisors in Impact, ICO, blockchain, syndication, investment and more.
  • A continually updated master calendar of Conference listings
  • Invitations to our very own ICO Impact Conferences for attending - and speaking
  • Discounts on Services and Events

Optional Services:

  • Content strategy, content creation, media placement: $250/hr
  • Fundraising
  • Impact/Investor Focused Speaking Engagements
  • ICO Impact Advisors to speak at your event
  • Celebrity Integration Services
  • Thought Leadership and Corporate Advisory
  • Webinar Series Services
  • Training

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About Us


RYAN SCOTT / Founding Partner
San Francisco Bay area

ICO  expert, entrepreneur, advisor, investor and author.  Co-Founder/CTO of  
NetCreations - took public with no venture capital and sold for over 100 million in cash.  Founder/CEO of Causecast the premier social impact  platform for corporate volunteering and giving. Investor  and advisor to many companies including Tesla motors, Tiltify, Sparrow  Mobile, Guardian Circle, Lottery.com, AKoin and many more.  Thought leader and  frequent speaker in both social good and ICO space.


LYNN LISS / Partner
Los Angeles

ICO strategy and operations; Partner at ICO Advisory Group delivering  advice, investors, partners and token success for new cryptocurrencies. Chicago Booth MBA (Strategy & Finance) w/10+ years developing, fundraising and executing business models as COO, Strategic Advisor and Board Member for Social Good and ICO Companies.  Deep networks and experience across Startups, Venture Capital, Entertainment, Technology and Global Companies (20M+ deal signed by COO of Microsoft).


Los Angeles

Focused on business strategy and partnerships. People Connector, Creative Problem Solver, Loyalty Expert and Fundraiser. Robust network of relationships and experience with startups, foundations, brands and organizations. Proven track record anticipating trends and creating business opportunities leveraging expertise, relationships, capabilities and resources.

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