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You have access to a tremendous outlet for impact oriented content. 

Please do submit it to us at along with any instructions on when you would like it to hit the wires!  Your media can be in almost any format imaginable.  ICO Impact Group will 'present' your media in order to be part of our service (we will lightly edit).  Your media through this service must be CSR, sustainability, or cause related.

Included Outlets

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ICO Impact Group 'Weekly Roundup'


We are creating and distributing a weekly Blockchain and Social Impact Roundup.  To be included simply send us a link to a recent article or blog post and we will summarize and include it!   It will be distributed to all the resources above.

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Enter the link directly to the piece of content. This is where your traffic will be directed so we strongly suggest it is to your own website, not Medium or LinkedIn or anywhere else.