Changing the Social Impact & Sustainability conversation one company, one investor at a time.

About Impact Investing
Impact investments are capital infusions into companies, organizations, and managed funds who have the intention and responsibility to generate social and environmental impact with a modest financial return. Impact investments can be made into both emerging and well-developed markets, and target a range of returns from below market to market rate and beyond, depending on investors’ strategic goals and financial liquidity needs.

Dagda helps companies get access to Mandated capital. Family offices, public and private foundations, endowments, ultra high net worth investors, and institutional investors have mandated capital - a percentage of the corpus (main funds) that has been designated by the asset owner to be invested in socially impactful or sustainable organizations. Each asset owner has their own defined mandate with varying levels of required societal impact to qualify for this allocation.  This can range from 5% to up to 50% of total capital allocation. There is roughly 200 billion to be invested in social impact and sustainability each year.

Yet with this staggering amount of social impact and sustainable investment dollars available, most asset managers are not well versed in diligence to prove a potential investment is socially impactful. Rather than risk any negative feedback resulting from mandated capital being misallocated, many advisors simply leave the mandated capital in the fund without ever allocating a dime. 

Dagda was formed in part to provide a solution to these conflicts, to free the logjam of mandated capital by providing the necessary diligence to advisors, also to attract better investment opportunities by encouraging all companies to add social impact components to their business plans.  Dagda’s value proposition is in re-framing the client’s organization as Socially Impactful/Sustainable: Investment, Company, Non-Profit, Token, ICO, etc… 

Dagda is 3rd party attestation and most importantly collateral evidence of the organization’s commitment to social and environmental good.  No two Dagda client’s white-papers are exactly alike, we provide the truth about their organization’s inside reality to the end consumer, the .  There is no other organization in the world offering this service.

In addition to identifying social impact and sustainability in our client's current business models part of Dagda's service is in providing suggestions to make our clients organizations more socially impactful and sustainable. Suggestions for changes that better fit the mandates of their public and to collect on billions in marketing goodwill and funding opportunities; a nice trade off for doing some authentic good in the world in the process.


Dagda’s below Social Impact Certification Process provides a tremendous value to organizations tantamount to consulting plus investment banking at a fraction of the costs. 

DAGDA Client Onboarding

  1. Session with Dagda to review the client’s business model and alignment with the GIIN (https://thegiin.org/) standards as defined below
  2. Client remits the $5K Dagda Certification fee via credit card or wire transfer.
  3. An e-mail announcing the client’s Certification with Dagda is forwarded to the entire Dagda network including our direct network of 50K and contacts in the Dagdabase: https://dagdapartners.com/dagdabase/  https://mailchi.mp/e01d2bc3055d/the-latest-certified-impact-investment-opportunity-ecor?e=[UNIQID] Dagda uses MailChimp for client e-mail distribution.
  4. The client’s whitepaper is assembled, reviewed and approved by the client for distribution: https://dagdapartners.com/certifiedcompanies/united-states/delaware/wilmington/impact-or-sustainable-investor/wx-risk-global-llc/
  5. Once approved by the client, Dagda creates a client listing page (also see #3) where all the client’s due diligence materials are housed.  A single link can then be sent for investors to review the client’s opportunity in the most efficient manner (only documents that do NOT require NDA to review): https://dagdapartners.com/certifiedcompanies/united-states/california/san-diego/impact-or-sustainable-investor/ecor-environmental-technologies/#post_profile
  6. The link to the Dagda Client Listing page is then forwarded to Dagda’s entire list of contacts (roughly 50K) with an announcement that the client is now certified:
  7. The client can then write an article (Dagda staff can also write this if preferred) touting the offering for distribution to the entire Family Office Network contact list, featuring the client on the front page of FON’s weekly newsletter (seen by over 80K investors, foundations, endowments, single and multi-family offices):
  8. On a case by case basis Dagda also facilitates direct introductions for Dagda Certified clients.
  9. Dagda bills client $500 monthly commencing upon completion and promotion of the Dagda Client Listing page.


In addition to the above white-paper, social impact certification and client listing page for investor review and diligence, Dagda specifically provides the below marketing values:

  • E-Mail introduction (teaser) at time of onboarding to 50K+ contacts including those in the Dagdabase.
  • Upon completion of the client’s white-paper, a full announcement including the client’s Dagda listing page is sent via e-mail to the entire Dagda network:
    • 50K E-Mail Investor contacts (growing)
    • 3K+ Dagdabase investor contacts (and growing)
    • Article is written for Family Office Network (FON) newsletter (by client or Dagda writers, client’s choice) 80K FON contacts
    • Client’s listing page can be public/searchable OR private (client’s choice)
    • Depending on client’s needs at time of engagement, Dagda leadership can make direct introductions to facilitate client’s agenda
  • Ongoing monthly promotion of client’s listing page for the life of the relationship through existing channels, and through new channel relationships as they come online.


Dagda Certification adopted the GIIN standards for social impact and sustainability (The Global Impact Investing Network). We use the GIIN standards to build an in-depth analysis of each client's company in the form of a white-paper. The Dagda Certification white-paper puts all the relevant data in the hands of advisors and asset managers. This data can be used by advisors to determine if a Dagda Certified organization's business model fits the mandate of their asset owner, and thus qualifies for an allocation from mandated funds. The Dagda white-paper in many cases provides the diligence necessary for advisors or asset managers to make such an allocation.

GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) Standards



Social Impact:

  • Access to clean water and sanitation
  • Access to education
  • Access to energy
  • Access to financial services
  • Access to information
  • Affordable housing
  • Agricultural productivity
  • Capacity building
  • Community development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Disease-specific prevention and mitigation
  • Employment generation
  • Equality and empowerment
  • Food security
  • Generate funds for charitable giving
  • Health improvement
  • Human rights protection or expansion
  • Income/productivity growth


  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Energy and fuel efficiency
  • Natural resources conservation
  • Pollution prevention & waste management
  • Sustainable energy
  • Sustainable land use

If your organization is raising funds, if your organization is seeking goodwill and a marketing edge identifying as a socially impactful or sustainable company Dagda will help you to identify parts of your mission that are most socially impactful and sustainable and most attractive to the Mandated capital needed to be placed by Family offices, public and private foundations, endowments, ultra high net worth investors, and institutional investors.