Events and conferences


Unlike traditional venture funding where you visit with VCs far before you start talking to the general investing public, in the world of ICOs you need to be out at events talking to people.  We have received confirmation from many other companies that it takes about 4 touches with a prospect before they start to feel you are a legitimate company worth investing any due diligence in.   

This makes attending events really critical.  You need to go to as many as you can afford to - it is possibly the single biggest thing you can do for a successful ICO.  The big investors - especially - are far less likely to invest in you if they haven’t had multiple face to face encounters and discussions with you.  They want to know what kind of person you are, what kind of entrepreneur, how you think of things in business, if they are someone they can trust to park significant amounts of money with.

With that in mind we’re maintaining a continually updated list of ICO and investment related events with commentary below.  We are attending some of them with our clients.

We recommend you get on all their mailing lists even if you do not plan on attending so you are directly notified of future events they may run.

Our Master Conference List