Why Create Social Impact?

Consumer expectation; 91% of consumers presented with competing products will choose the one that supports a cause.

Employee Engagement/expectations: top employees expect to work for companies that give back, and will be more loyal to the company if the company does give back. 

You already care - giving back shows you care.

Your competitors are doing it, or will be.

Family Offices LOVE social impact.  And they are curious about these ‘cyber dollars’ they keep hearing about, and are developing serious FOMO.  The advisors oftentimes have massive networks of family offices they can pitch deals to, and in fact their family office clients are asking for them.  You get the picture.

How Do ICOs Give Back?

1 Integrating charity giving in their service

  • Via ‘checkout’ or ‘purchase’ process.  
    • Allow purchases to ‘round up’ their purchase to the nearest ‘dollar’. Donate that to charity.
    • Simply ask for a donation during checkout.  ‘Add 1 #TOKEN to your order for Charity XYZ’
  • Via the site in general: donate X #TOKEN to charity XYZ and we’ll match it 1 to 1


2 Integrating charity giving into the ICO

  • Set aside tokens for charity.  They will be escrowed by a holding and management company who will trade them for the charity.  Ultimately they will be cashed, returning to the ecosystem.  Based on the 1/1/1 model, a good number is 1% of tokens.


How Do We Leverage Social Impact?

  1. PR - charity is another angle for your story, one that gives you placement you wouldn’t normally get.  Plus the beneficiary charities and their supporters will all share the news for you.
  2. Employee recruiting - 64% of millennials expect to work for a company that gives back yet only 35% of them actually do.  Put it on your recruitment materials.
  3. Marketing - your marketing message is well received when it is ‘company x just donated $x to XYZ charity. Talk about it on your blog, push it to social.
  4. Social media: Donors will also be happy to push out to social media that they just made a donation via your service, further spreading the word.  Simply embed a simple prewritten tweet/facebook post and many of them will send it as it.

Which Charities Do We Choose?

Have some relationship to your company, product or service.

Provide some feedback/stories/large network that might be able to use your service

Be something you can truly get behind, as well as your employees and customers.  This is something we can certainly help you with.

ICOs actually Creating Impact


  • Giving back through the application itself
    • Ability to make a donation after you buy a lottery ticket
    • Donations occur during 50/50 Raffle product
  • Donations directly to organizations from profits with granting program
  • Donating tokens during the ICO
  • Using the Causecast platform for employee engagement


  • Donating tokens during ICO
  • Ability for consumers to donate LoyalCoins to charity through the application

Guardian Circle

  • Donating tokens during ICO
  • Ability for consumers to direct their Guardium earnings to charity

How Do We Get Started?

We got you covered.  

Ryan Scott is not only an ICO advisor but CEO and Founder of Causecast, a company that provides a platform to run the employee volunteering, giving, granting, and other give back programs of corporations large and small.  

Normally, non profits sell every bit of stock they get the instant they can.  They have no one to manage it or monitor it.  With crypto, it's even more difficult because of the learning curve.  Opening a wallet is something that’s simply out of scope.  This is why we have decided to offer a new service to not only help you create your give back strategy, but also to escrow donated tokens for the non-profit beneficiaries until they wish to sell, or transfer to their own wallets.

We can help with the entire process.  Please contact Ryan directly if you are interested in taking this important step.