The decentralized marketplace for the new social economy, impactMarket is a shared infrastructure for impact-based Initiatives and Rewards. It empowers people, charities and businesses to exert positive social change by leveraging the blockchain for transparency and efficiency.

Social businesses and charitable organizations exist to solve the world's most pressing problems, locally and globally. We charter them with impossibly lofty missions and hold them to the highest moral standards. And yet, they remain under-resourced and ill-equipped for success in the modern marketplace.

Charitable operations depend upon the goodwill of individuals and businesses who contribute their money, resources and time to help sustain their operations. Yet, those same contributors face a huge degree of uncertainty about the use of funds, the quality of governance, and how much actually reaches the intended beneficiaries. As a result, participation rates are highly volatile. This volatility reduces the overall pool of funds available as a whole, and disproportionately concentrates funds on the organizations that are most successful at marketing and fundraising.

This creates a dynamic in which organizations are forced into a constant state of demand, competing against one another for limited resources - attention, funding, and volunteers - to the inadvertent detriment of the causes they seek to serve. The way we think about charity is fundamentally flawed, and must evolve if we are to create a sustainable model for impact and social good.

eSolidar in the UK, Europe and Brazil, and Causecast in the US, have worked with thousands of businesses, individuals and charities over the last decade, gaining first-hand experience and developing methods and technology to address fundamental issues in this space, while at the same time building and growing a sustainable business.

These two companies have now joined forces to launch impactMarket, a decentralized marketplace and open protocol for social impact-based Initiatives and Rewards, which will provide the much needed shared infrastructure for efficient, smart charitable operations and a sustainable economy.

The impactMarket Token (IPCT) is the token powering this market, now undergoing an initial token sale, to help support development and growth.