WHo do we work with?

Our clients are always social impact-centric businesses, and often fall into one of two categories:

1 - Early-stage blockchain companies who want help refining their impact story and marketing it to the world

2 - Later-stage blockchain companies solving real social problems using the power of blockchain and crypto who need exposure to a network of diverse partners including: high-net worth individuals, celebrity philanthropists, marketing experts and advisors


ICO Impact Group helps your company get access to Mandated Capital.

Family offices, public and private foundations, endowments, ultra high net worth investors, and institutional investors have mandated capital -- a percentage of the corpus (main funds) that has been designated by the asset owner to be invested in socially impactful or sustainable organizations. Each asset owner has their own defined mandate with varying levels of required societal impact to qualify for this allocation. This can range from 5% to up to 50% of total capital allocation. There is roughly $200 billion to be invested in social impact and sustainability each year.

Yet with this staggering amount of social impact and sustainable investment dollars available, most asset managers are not well versed in diligence to prove a potential investment is socially impactful. Rather than risk any negative feedback resulting from mandated capital being misallocated, many advisors simply leave the mandated capital in the fund without ever allocating a dime.

ICO Impact Group provides a solution to free the logjam of mandated capital by providing the necessary diligence to advisors and attract better investment opportunities by encouraging all companies to add social impact components to their business plans. We reframe your value proposition as Socially Impactful and Sustainable in accordance with industry standards and expose you directly to Impact Investors.

Would you like to access Mandated Capital?