Mandt VR

Property owners have the rights to protect and monetize their assets. Mandt Media is securing contracts with property owners & cities, as well as passing laws with governments to ensure the protection of their immersive media rights. Currently, all properties built after 1990 in the U.S. are protected under copyright law. Any attempt to monetize someone's property without their permission, is a violation of U.S. trademark law. Additional legislation will pass this year. These rights are real, they have value and they are currently defendable!

The physical world will collide with the Internet over the next few years and controlling the exclusive rights to monetize real estate assets will be very valuable. The next generation will only know this world of eye-wear, with digital overlays. Mandt Media has taken a leadership position with this technology in real estate and is well positioned for success in the real estate rights management for immersive media.

Our legal partner is the global real estate law firm DLA Piper and they have validated our strategies. We currently are at term sheet with many of the largest landowners in the world and already have secured the rights to major landmarks, like the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Mandt Media has filed for a business process patent covering the use of Augmented Reality content and monetization of real estate assets. This patent includes the use of Blockchain technology.