MonetaPro is a closed-loop payment platform for Global Corporate Barter. We are a sell-for-credit business-to-business exchange that allows companies to list goods and services at prices they determine. Upon the sale of an item, the Company receives an internal trade credit which can then be used to purchase other goods and services from approved trade companies.

The MonetaPro exchange provides a centralized global trading venue for companies to trade with existing trading partners, as well as find new ones. Locating a trading partner is as simple as entering the type and amount of goods or services desired within the powerful search engine designed by MonetaPro. Negotiating and executing trades become easier and faster, and tracking and reporting trade activity is in real-time.

By utilizing a private blockchain technology, all aspects of ownership become decentralized and recorded, and the audit trail becomes more transparent and efficient. The overall result is lower transaction costs, from locating a trading partner, to executing the trade, to tracking and managing the trade.