Pitching the offering

When pitching to investors directly, you will need a pitch deck.  Your website will not be enough for a good discussion on the merits of your ICO and more traditional/seasoned investors will expect a deck-based presentation.  It is the expected format for one on one communication of your concept.  Here are some tips in making a deck that sells.


  • Pitch in a quiet room free from distractions.
  • Use a reliable high bandwidth internet connection.  Test your connect with a teammate, ideally one in another country or through a VPN in another country far away.  If there are stutters and pauses it is going to distract from your pitch, which will cost you an investment.  The investors are going to be thinking that you will have trouble conducting business in (for example) the United States (a giant market) if your audio connection to them is poor. 
  • Make sure you maximize your presentation to fill the entire screen.  Hide your application docks and maximize the screen.
  • Use headphones to do your pitch so that your voice, and the voice of the people you are presenting to, is not echoed back to them.  It is incredibly distracting.
  • Turn off all notifications on your computer - you do not want email or chat requests or anything else popping up.  Having a dedicated computer for presentations that you do not use as your daily work computer is the ideal set-up for fast demos with little advanced preparation.  Travel with this computer.
  • Try to do your pitch in ten minutes so you have time for questions.  Longer does not equal better.  Leave them wanting more information, not less.   Never read your slides - talk while they look at pictures or bullets, but do not give them a lot to read and do not read it yourself either.  Describe the slide and pepper your slides with stories or proof that what you are saying is true, especially from 3rd parties.


Pitch Deck Format

It is suggested you use a structure like this for the presentation.  Each bullet represents
about 1 slide.

  1. Problem: What problem are you trying to solve for your customer (not for the world or anyone else - for the people who are going to pay you)
  2. Solution: How you solve this problem in a new and unique and compelling way that people are going to want to pay for in some way.  
  3. Demo: show a demo taking about 1 minute to show the main features.  2 minutes to do the whole thing is totally fine, but get directly to the main use case right away. No one cares about what you are planning to do and haven't yet, or any technical details.
  4. Financial Model: It's important to show you have reasonable conservative assumptions and have done the math.
  5. Team: headshots with experience as it relates to your company.  Their whole bio isn't important.  Advisors should be listed here also if they fill out the business capabilities/industry knowledge side of things.  Advisors who are prestigious are also useful but if you don't have advisors from the industry you are entering, this is a red flag to investors.
  6. Traction 
    1. How many people on pre-sale list
    2.  How many visits to site
    3. Media coverage to date

      The more traction you have, the better!  Don't hold back.
  7. Market Opportunity
  8. Token Economics - what will make this token go up in value?
    How many tokens will you issue?
  9. Investor Discounting and ultimate sale price... and where to invest.