Social Media

Social is a very important channel for building a reputation and awareness with the investing public.

Nearly every ICO now has a Telegram group, and we recommend that you do to - as long as someone from the company can staff it.  It's an important conduit for questions from potential investors.


LinkedIn is probably the most useful place to be as a company. 

Create a page for your company.  Make sure all your employees bios link to it.

Post an article every day if possible, something related to your company, if not news directly about or from your company.  You'll start to generate a lot of followers simply by being active and posting topics related to your company.  Make sure all your employees share it.  

Video on LinkedIn is extremely powerful.  When you post videos to LinkedIn, and we strongly recommend you do, download them from YouTube first (if you don't have the original file)  Use

Take your original source file or your YouTube download and upload this directly into LinkedIn.  LinkedIn gives more impressions to video that is uploaded natively.


ICO Impact Group Amplification

Make sure to email us directly at so we can amplify your post. Send the direct link to the exact piece of content.

We will redistribute it to our network.