Speaking/Panel/presentation/SPONSORSHIP Opportunities

Please contact ryan@icoimpact.co if you are interested in any of these opportunities - or check the appropriate website.



SCN Family Office Investor Symposium - June 14-15, New York City

Really interesting opportunity to get exposure to NYSE audience as well as family offices and private wealth.  Ryan will be there.

From the organizers: They get put onto the iPad for the investors and they receive an interview at the Nasdaq or NYSE as well as commercials on our show for 30 days. 



Castadiva Blockchain for Family Offices and Investors - JUNE 29, 2018 - NEW YORK CITY



Mix of family offices, private wealth, crypto investors.


Panel Slot $7,995

Slot on Ryan Scott's Panel alongside David Drake and several other luminaries.

Logo on all Marketing Documents



Presenting Company slot:  $11,995 (discounted to $9,995) 

15 minute Presentation

1 x 1 meetings will be scheduled with interested investors in advance of the presentation!  


NASDAQ INTERVIEW PLUS- Presenting companies $13,995 (one time Forum special)  


1 x 1 meetings


Forum Brochure | Sponsorship Doc




2018 New York Venture Summit - July 10-11, Convene New York City

This seems to be a great thing to be part of.  They hold events every month or two around the US where they bring VCs together to watch startup pitches.  It's very straightforward and seems to provide value to both sides.  Simply apply.

From the organizers: youngStartup's Venture Summits connect the most innovative, promising venture backed, emerging growth and early stage companies with active Investors, Investment bankers, advisors and corporate professionals.

The summits feature insightful discussions, the newest technologies and latest trends currently shaping the future. YSV understands how important it is to meet the right people and network with like-minded individuals. Our summits ensure that only the most cutting edge companies and relevant investors are present. We work hard to make sure that at our conferences you are given the opportunity to mingle with those in the know, chat with those who are informed and forge the connections you need to succeed.



Net Impact - October 25-27, Phoenix Arizona

Ryan will be moderating a panel at the 2018 Net Impact Conference, which will take place October 25 to 27 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The panel will be on blockchain technology in social impact.  The session will take place on either Friday, October 26 or Saturday, October 27. 

From the organizers: Every year, the Net Impact Conference brings thousands of emerging leaders together with forward-thinking businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and academics for a dynamic exchange of ideas about how we can work together to tackle our toughest social and environmental problems. Today's challenges are more complex than any one person or organization can solve, requiring us to collaborate on innovative solutions.

This year's conference theme is "Outside the Lines." The event will explore examples of transformational change that defy traditional expectations. We'll dive deep into bold new trends and practices that challenge conventional wisdom, break barriers, and enable us to change the world. 


Past Events

TOKEN GALAXY - Newark, CA Mar 25-27, East Bay Northern California

One free VIP pass to whoever asks for it first!  


SVIEF Panel - Palo Alto, CA Mar 12

Panel Discussion: Blockchain Investment for Social Impact

Venue: Lee Ka Shing Learning & Knowledge Center, LK120, Stanford University(291 Campus Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94305)

Time: 3pm-7pm, 5/12, 2018

Parking is available at L17 & L18, Palo Alto

Available for 4 clients.  Moderator: Ryan Scott


Social Innovation Summit - June 4-6, San Francisco Bay Area

I (Ryan) am an ambassador for the upcoming Social Innovation Summit hosted in Silicon Valley on June 5-6th … and I am thrilled to extend up to 10 complimentary invitations to join as my personal guest.

Social Innovation Summit is the premier invitation-only conference that connects and inspires the world’s most potent leaders, thinkers, and practitioners. Balancing significant networking opportunities with a roster of high-profile speakers, the Social Innovation Summit offers a unique framework to discuss global challenges and build lasting partnerships that maximize social impact. Where most only bring together luminaries to explore the next big idea, we bring together those hungry not just to talk about the next big thing, but to build it.   The passes will be given on a first come first serve basis.  Contact Donna@icoimpact.co - she is the keeper of the list!

Forbes Impact - June 12-13, New York City and Newark, NJ - FULL WITH 4 CLIENTS

Ryan has been invited to curate a panel on blockchain and social impact for the Forbes Impact Conference in New York on June 12 and 13.   The audience is comprised of top notch investors and influencers, and this is a fantastic opportunity.  The cost to sponsor the conference at this level is an unprecedented entry for us at $15,000 per panelist plus equivalent in your tokens.  You'll get 2 tickets, logo integration, and onstage integration as part of the blockchain and impact conversation.  Considering this conference costs $3000 per ticket to attend and sponsorships start at $50,000, this is a really fantastic opportunity for 3 lucky companies. 

The sponsorship deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1npkHpL_cGPFXwgIqzewHY9zT_bUPDa0H/view?usp=sharing

(this one has filled up entirely)